About Us

Dongguan BOB Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer founded in 2009 and located in Guangda manufacturing wisdom Valley, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong province, China. We mainly research, manufacture and sell high quality lithium ion battery. Our company gathers a group of domestic top technical talents in the industry, with a R & D technical team of more than 8 people and they have been delving deeply into the battery industry for many years.

Our company has a senior power supply solutions professional team, provide customers with high quality power solutions quickly and effectively at any time. Our products mainly include power battery, energy storage battery and consumer battery, and they are widely used in vehicle, industrial equipment, medical equipment, home energy storage system, AGV, robot, electric Wheelchair, vehicle, golf cart, outdoor portable power supply, lighting products, power tools, toys, POS machine, mobile payment equipment, PDA, UAV, consumer electronics and a variety of high-end portable electronic equipment power supply field etc. Our cells are all well-known brands, such as Panasonic, LG, BAK etc. We have a variety of imported and Chinese cells for you to choose, they are important guarantee for making high-quality batteries. We have long-term stable customers in the world and have a high reputation in China.

Our Advantage

We have spacious material, physical, electrical properties, safety experiment centers, workshop and office, have core electrical performance test cabinet, thermal impact test cabinet, high and low temperature test cabinet, drop testing machine, salt spray testing machine, transportation simulation tester and other equipment. Our workshop and test centers equipped with a large number of full automatic equipment, semi-automatic equipment, electrical performance testing equipment, mechanical performance testing equipment, calibration level instrumentation and other equipment... Fully equipped and high research and development technology is a strong guarantee of product quality.

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We mainly focus on the needs of customers for lithium battery, provide customers with one-stop customized solutions and products with professional technology, and focus on the lithium battery market required by industrial-grade instrument, mobile terminal, industrial robot, stored energy, equipment and device etc. We use professional, focus, concentrate on spirit of enterprise to solve customer needs, insist to the service positioning of high-end market, Committed to tailoring every power supply solution for customers. After 14 years of development, we have mature process technology, high-quality products and technical services. We use excellent quality, professional solutions, dedicated services, innovative ideas to serve customers from all over the world, and has been recognized by many customers.

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The main responsible persons of the company are the engineers in the lithium battery industry, they have rich ability of internal scientific management, perfect technology ability, quality assurance ability and market expansion strength. Our company is united, morale is high, constantly pushing the company to glory. We always adhere to serving our customers, create benefits, provide high-quality lithium battery technology for customers! We work for customers to create a better future, we believe we will do better and better with your attention and needs!