Which is better between polymer lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery

People often ask me, which is better between polymer lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery? If you read the following, you will get the answer.

Lithium ion battery can be divided into liquid lithium ion battery, polymer lithium ion battery or plastic lithium ion battery according to the different electrolytes used in common lithium ion battery.The polymer lithium ion battery uses the same cathode material as the raw material of liquid lithium ion, and their principles are basically the same.But the key difference between them depends on raw materials of the electrolyte solutions are not the same, the liquid lithium battery be chosen liquid electrolyte solution, and the polymer lithium battery be chosen solid high polymer electrolyte solution.

In fact, the content of the definition of lithium ion battery is relatively common. This time, I will give you a brief introduction of lithium battery to you.

Lithium battery refers to the battery use the lithium metal or lithium alloy as the anode material, use the non-aqueous electrolyte solution. General lithium battery includes lithium metal battery and lithium ion battery. Lithium metal battery generally refers to the battery use manganese dioxide as the positive material, lithium metal or its alloy metal as the negative material, use of non-aqueous electrolyte solution. Lithium ion battery generally refers to the battery use lithium alloy metal oxide as the positive electrode material, graphite as the negative electrode material, use non-aqueous electrolyte solution.But the most common application battery on the sales market is the theoretical lithium battery, refers to lithium ion battery.Therefore, lithium battery more scope refers to lithium ion battery.

Lithium battery also is divided into liquid lithium battery and high polymer lithium battery two categories. In order to search for green energy, every country researches lithium and lithium battery at present, looking forward to using it to replace non-renewable resources. As they are relatively limited on the earth, they will release a lot of harmful substances when we apply them.

Which is better between polymer lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery

Driving force lithium battery is the liquid lithium battery as we all know. Today's driving force lithium battery has been announced to be used in our daily life. For example, the common bus, it is slowly being replaced by lithium driving cars. This kind of bus is not only easier to clean up and more environmental protection than the bus which used gas before in terms of electricity and energy, but also more stable and quiet in the process of driving.

Now we have understood the theory and category of lithium battery, and the difference between lithium ion battery and polymer lithium ion battery.The next thing we will discuss about which of the polymer lithium battery and lithium battery is stronger. Let's compare the two differences first, based on the comparison we can draw conclusions quickly.

The comparison between polymer lithium battery and lithium ion battery.

▼ At the level of modeling design

Polymer lithium ion battery can be customized according to customer requirements, the key is due to its non-liquid electrolyte solution, solid electrolyte solution is more beneficial to the long-term maintenance of polymer lithium ion battery. Lithium ion battery or liquid lithium battery, it is a liquid electrolyte solution, so there should be a strong case to hold the electrolyte of lithium battery as a secondary coil packaging,and this kind of packaging manner has a certain limit on the molding and improves the overall net weight.

At the core operating voltage

Due to the polymer lithium battery uses polymer raw materials, it can produce a double layer composition in the lithium cell to achieve high pressure. But the short circuit capacity of the lithium cell of the lithium battery is that it is must to connect several lithium cells together in series to produce an ideal high pressure operating platform if you want to achieve high pressure in the specific application.

At the REDOX potential

In polymer lithium battery, the positive ions of solid electrolyte solution has a low conductivity, and the addition of preservatives to the electrolyte solution has a key effect on improving the conductivity. It is only positive ion conductivity improved a little, and unlike with lithium battery, its conductivity is stable, not easy to suffer from the quality of the auxiliary material harm.

In the production process

The polymer lithium ion battery is thinner and the lithium battery is  thicker, the application scope of lithium battery and the industry can be expanded is wider because of the thicker of the lithium battery.

As the polymer lithium battery and lithium ion battery have different shapes of electrolyte solutions, they have different primary uses.They both have advantages in different industries.

Post time: Dec-05-2022